Welcome to the Special Interest Group on Geological Applications. Remote sensing provides efficient data and effective methods for many geological applications such as mapping, water monitoring, mineral exploration and geohazards. Remote sensing data are useful because they can provide very accurate, up-to-date information for almost every place on the planet. The use of remote sensing data allows effective localization of targets and reducing costs and time spent during the field work. Optical, radar and thermal data can be used in many different “Geological Applications”.

Some topics of interest: Geological Mapping, Tectonic Geology, Mine Monitoring, Hydrogeology, Geomorphology, Geohazards (Landslides, Floods, Earthquakes)

These images can be seen in stereo with red blue glasses

One of the main objectives of the SIG “Geological Applications” should be to have as many geoscientists as possible be familiarized with the possible remote sensing applications.  In order to achieve that objective the SIG will continue organizing specific sessions at  EARSeL- and non-EARSeL conferences and events, workshops in the framework of EARSeL Symposia, and training courses.