5th international Workshop of the EARSeL SIG Geological Applications Remote Sensing and Geology, Warsaw (Poland), 19 – 20 June 2014
Editors: Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos
ISBN 978-83-63245-69-6

Ahead of print Preface

1. Geohazards I
Semi-automated mapping of landslide changes in Taiwan by means of object-based image analysis. Daniel Hoelbling, Barbara Friedl and Clemens Eisank 1-7
Terrain motion of selected abandoned hard coal mines in the North – Eastern part of the upper Silesian coal basin (Southern Poland) in view of SAR interferometric data Marek Graniczny, Zbigniew Kowalski, Maria Przyłucka, Albin Zdanowski, Karsten Zimmermann 8-13
Seismic precursors and climate fluctuations assessment through time series geospatial and in-situ monitoring data. Maria Zoran, Roxana Savastru, Dan Savastru 14-22
2. Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Multi- and Hyperspectral Satellite Sensors for Mineral Exploration, new Applications to the Sentinel-2 and EnMAP Mission. Christian Mielke, Nina Kristine Boesche, Christian Rogass, Karl Segl and Hermann Kaufmann 23-28
Open-pit mine monitoring using remote sensing and GIS. Nikolaos G. Argyropoulos, Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos and Konstantina Dimitropoulou 29-34
3. Geohazards II
High resolution space- and air-borne imagery provides insight intoslope hydrology and Instability. Janusz Wasowski, Marina Dipalma Lagreca, Caterina Lamanna and Guido Pasquariello 35-42
Surface displacements of the 2014 Cephalonia (Greece) earthquake using high resolution sar interferometry. George Benekos, Konstantinos Derdelakos, Christos Bountzouklis Penelope Kourkouli and Issaak Parcharidis 43-48
Appraisal of the damages caused by the 12th January 2010 Haiti earthquake by aster multitemporal imagery analysis. Kanakaki Stavroula, Parcharidis Issaak and Poscolieri Maurizio 49-56
Automatic drainage extraction from remote sensing data Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos, Cristos Choussiafis and Vassileia Karathanassi 57-62
4. Geology-Geomorphology
Lineament analysis in northern Colombia, South America. Mauricio Baquero, Camilo Montes and German Bayona 63-73
Refining of geomorphological maps of young glacial areas based on geoinformatics and remote sensing. Karolina Orlowska, Adrian Ochtyra, Adriana Marcinkowska, Elzbieta Wolk-Musial, Bogdan Zagajewski 74-81
Studying the flow of Asopos and Nemeas river systems using airphotos and GIS. Konstantina Mexia 82-88
4. Geohazards III
Persistent scatterers interferometry for landslide study in a small scale inhabited area Issaak Parcharidis, Stamatopoulos C., Foumelis M., Benekos G and Balla, L. 89-95
Landlside Inventory using a GISMA system extended with statistical adaptive methods. Maria Kordouli, Katerina Kavoura, Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos & Nikolaos Sabatakakis 96-103
Investigating strong mining-induced ground subsidence with x-band SAR interferometry in Upper Silesia in Poland Maria Przylucka, Marek Graniczny, Gerardo Herrera 104-109